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Crystal Animal, Dog, The Pinnacle of Luck


Collection: Longing for a Pure Existence (Year of the Dog)  

Design Description:

In this artwork from the zodiac Year of the Dog collection “Longing for a Pure Existence,” the subject is a dog perched at the pinnacle of a long and steep climb.  Choosing instead to depict the art piece’s central dog figure at the peak rather than in the midst of an arduous struggle, the piece represents all the fruits of one’s labor.  It throws its head back in a gesticulation of victory and crowning achievements.  In contrast, the piece is sculpted into the shape of a bamboo shoot, on one end decorated in the low relief of peony designs and floral patterns.  The bamboo symbolically represents that whatever achievements one may have conquered, they continue to grow and evolve, bringing in more luck and fortune with each passing day. The dog is shown smiling and giving a thumb-up. In “The Pinnacle of Luck,” the values of tenacity and excellence are openly expressed.  But as with all other pieces in the zodiac collection, the piece’s amber zenith—a dog—invokes the sentiment that behind all of the greatest fortunes in life are the strength of loyalty, compassion, and pure companionship.

憨態可掬小狗抱著筍尖 寓意節節高升 定色燒制在頂部寓意鴻運當頭 造型上,狗狗不是“攀爬”“攀登”姿勢,而是已安坐於頂尖,寓指在所有耕耘後,已然豐收之意。然而,即便如此,狗狗的頭還是向上,是一種提醒,因為不戀於穩定現狀,好,還會再更好。竹筍,挺拔向上,素有蓬勃生命之意。 而狗狗,融於竹間,蓄勢向上騰躍, 是祝願每人在來年,都具有旺盛鬥志、旺盛信心,在事業工作上,均能節節高升。

The Pinnacle of Luck

Reach for the pinnacle,
The pinnacle of luck.

Claim your rightful fortune
And hold luck in your hands.

Take a look at this world,
It is yours for the taking.

旺到頂尖 (狗)




Item No.:



11.5*7*18 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

3,600 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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