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Crystal Animal, Dog, Generations of Prosperity


Collection: Longing for a Pure Existence (Year of the Dog)  

Design Description:

In this playful piece, a deep wisdom and message is conveyed in the bridging of generations from past to future.  The art piece, titled “Generations of Prosperity,” is a gentle reminder that the greatest riches to be had in a family, is one with is everlasting and may transgress periods of trouble and strife.  The artwork here, coming together with a transfusion of playful greens and rich golden yellows, uses subtle motifs such as those historical Chinese coins to represent such notions.  “Generations of Prosperity” touches families on the importance of wealth and riches across generations past… and generations to come. 

恭敬仰望,跨越時間送來代代富貴。 一對臘腸狗,昂首闊步,開心向明天。兩隻狗都身著錢幣紋的衣衫,口中含著大銅錢。奔跑時候,還彼此默契對望,滿滿情義。這對臘腸狗,亦可以想成父子,夥伴,朋友,彼此目光一致,步伐一致,寓意齊心協力。 “輩輩”長旺,飽含“代代”長旺的祝願,寓意對美好的“延續”、對生命圓滿的“延續”。 臘腸狗的設計產品有很多,多以造型的寫意為主,琉璃工房的這一對,不僅表情設計十分生動傳神,,同時也從常年與狗狗一起生活的經驗中,尋找畫面。跑動中的臘腸狗的耳朵,大耳朵隨風翻飛,好像活了一樣。

Generations of Prosperity

Growth but not that everyday kind -
this growth happens across generations.

Prosperity but not that average kind -
this luck belongs to me, to you,
to generations past and future.




Item No.:



9.5*21*16.5 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

1,300 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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