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A First in the History of Liuli!

The Biggest Liuli Flower Artwork Installation in China Has Just Opened the Doors of a City to Millions!

On September 21st, the skyline of one of China’s oldest hubs for seafaring trade changed forever when the Greentown Shenlan Center officially opened its doors. Blooming in resplendent and glowing crimsons there now is a large-scale outdoor installation of a crystal camellia flower, sculpted by Loretta H. Yang after three long years of arduous planning with Greentown—one of China’s leading property developers.

Bordering the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is a cultural hub with over two millennia of history. Paying homage to this heritage, Yang combined her lifetime experience of Chinese art to sculpt a flower that represents both the spirit of the city as well as the heart of her inspiration.

This liuli camellia represents art created for the good of the human heart and soul. Not only does it illuminate the present, but it also lights the way for the future. It bursts into life in a waterscape installation, behind which a single expression in calligraphy carved into rock says it all: “Benefiting from Easterly Winds.”

Connecting a vision of nature, humanities, and culture to the art of a thousand-year-old cultural legacy, the light of contemporary liuli art casts its light upon world class architecture, adding to the city’s resplendence forevermore.

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