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Award Recognition & Trophy

LIULI custom design team works with clients on timeless and exquisite details that speak for whole-hearted sincerity with symbolic meaning of prosperity, fortune and gratitude. We could engrave on a uniquely designed acrylic base, matching with one-of-a-kind crystal artwork for personalization.


Ocean is home to most living things on our planet and plays an essential role in the world's ecosystem. LIULI Crystal Art shares the sense of responsibility in protecting mother nature and has been supporting Oceana, the largest ocean conservation advocacy organization, since 2013 to raise awareness in preserving marine biodiversity.

Award trophy, annual gala fundraising donation

Custom Awards | Liuli Crystal Art

LPGA Taiwan Tournament

Founded in 1950, The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is one of the longest-running women's professional sports associations in the world. LIULI worked with The Golf Association of The Republic of China to design an one-of-a-kind trophy that symbolizes a glorious moment of women in the sports.

Tournament Trophy

Custom Trophy | Liuli Crystal Art

NIKE Women AMAZING Roadrunner

NIKE reimagines sport for girls and is making play more accessible and approachable. LIULI worked with NIKE to present a uniquely modern trophy for Women Amazing Roadrunner event to encourage girls to actively engage in their passion, and believe in oneself.

Tournament Trophy

NIKE Women Roadrunner | Liuli Crystal Art

Golden Horse Film Festival Award

The Golden Horse Awards are among the most prestigious and time-honored film awards in the world of Chinese language cinema. LIULI Founder/Artist Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi had been awarded Best Leading Actress and Best Director in the 1980s.

Award trophy, special event gift

Golden Horse Film Festival | Liuli Crystal Art

The sky's the limit. We’d love to create a unique Liuli crystal piece that speaks for our heart and soul. Please contact us for more details at
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