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Year of the Rat

Official Intro.: A Clever and Auspicious Year  |  靈慧機敏吉祥年

Blog: The Rat Zodiac’s Good Fortunes


Were you born in a year of the rat? Celebrate your good fortune and pay homage to this auspicious and clever symbol - the very first in the cycle of the Chinese zodiac which begins again once every 12 years. Among the rat, other figures featured in the Chinese zodiac include the ox, rabbit, snake, and monkey.

A year of the rat figurine from LIULI Crystal Art takes a creative and imaginative yet elegant approach to portraying this revered and beloved idol in Chinese culture, which others, too, have come to cherish, love, and feel a part of. Connect with the sui generis of what links you to your birth year.

These handcrafted figurines are individually made, each with a distinct and unique shape and color.

While the rat is a small creature, his mind and power to persuade others is mighty. Such as it was when the rat convinced the ox to carry him across the water in the zodiac tale of “The Great Race,” which tells the story of the origins of the 12 animals of the zodiac calendar. As the story goes, those who arrived first in the race became the order of the zodiac calendar, which is why the rat comes first before the others - although the rat was not formerly considered to be a dexterous swimmer.

Find Your Unique & Auspicious Year of the Rat Figurine at LUILI Crystal Art

You will find a diverse collection at LUILI. Whether you are an enthusiast or just a lover of that calendar year, or it represents a year you or a loved one or friend were born, these are perfect for your collection or to give as an incredibly unique and special gift to a friend or family member.

Colors known to bring luck for those born during a year of the rat include gold, blue, and green.

Those born in a year of the rat are typically known to be self-assured and confident, as well as successful. Like the rat in the Chinese zodiac fable “The Great Race,” those born in a year of the rat are known to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way - despite whatever disadvantages they may start with or have presented to them at the time.

The rat is known to be captivating and at times beguiling, and incredibly witty and intelligent, and this is said to be reflected in the personalities of those born during a year of the rat, which includes ...1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020…

Those said to be born in the year of the rat include celebrities and notable figures such as LeBron James, John T. Scopes, and Dorothy Height.

The rat has also been known to signify fertility and fecundity, as well as abundance.