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A Heartwarming Holiday Greeting from the Boys and Girls


This summer, ten young contestants from the Boys & Girls Clubs of West San Gabriel Valley were chosen to fly to the original Taiwan LIULI studio for the rare opportunity to participate in a liuli-crafting seminar.  The workshop was hosted by our two founding artists, Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, who had much to share with the next generation of artists.  During the Thanksgiving break, in a showcase of brilliant youthful inspiration, they returned to the LIULI gallery at South Coast Plaza to collect and exhibit their works.

Many of the pieces in this collection reflected not only the children’s extraordinary talent, but also their dreams, ambitions, and affection for their loved ones.  In showcasing her heart-touching artwork, Natalie Crowell explained, “The Sun and the Moon represents my mom and myself and how our relationship blooms into a flower.”

Boys and Girls Club Director JR Dzubak also tried his hand at crystal glass-making, sculpting and firing a money pot that he hopes will continue to bring resources to the talented and artistic young generation.


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