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A Treasure for All Generations - For a Glorious Future, Acknowledge the Past

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For a Glorious Future, Acknowledge the Past.

"Ding" is a pictographic word. Its upper part looks like a vessel, while the lower one is the feet of the vessel. The earliest function of the ding was as a cooking vessel; it eventually became a ceremonial vessel. Generally speaking, "ding" can be classified into two kinds: three-foot round ones and four-foot square ones; or it can be divided into those with a lid or those without. Each ding reflect the attitudes, values and beliefs of their times. The totems found on the ding combines the knowledge of the people and their aesthetic ideals. The inscriptions, from simple symbols and emblems to complex descriptions of hundreds of words, includes descriptions of family emblems, ceremonial rituals, rewards, political conquests, treaties and the laws and institutions; they are a representation of the culture of those times. 

A Treasure for All Generations

Bear witness to
A proud existence
Across thousands of years.
The light and color of LIULI
Pass through the patina of the Bronze Age
To chronicle
Generations of life wisdom.



Dragon Ding
Exultation of Heaven and Earth Ding

Phoenix Ding
Grace of the Phoenix Ding

 The inscription “A Treasure for All Generations” (子子孫孫永寶用) originated from the Western Zhou Dynasty in hopes that through the ding, the legacy of the family would be passed on for generations to come. The ding thus became an important spiritual and cultural symbol passed on through the generations.

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