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Prosperity, Ubiquitous (Ubiquitous Fortune and Luck)

The Beautiful New World of Liuli Crystal Art: Prosperity, Ubiquitous

When your heart is filled with beauty,
The world naturally becomes beautiful.
When your heart is filled with riches,
The world’s treasures are yours for the taking.

Open your eyes to this world,
And see the ubiquity of prosperity and fortune.

From the Goodness of the Heart - Ubiquitous Fortune and Luck

The hope for a beautiful new world is a wish shared by many for the new year. In 2015, LIULIGONGFANG will embark on a journey through the goodness of the heart with Prosperity, Ubiquitous. Fertile grains, opulent peonies, extraordinary passerines, bold crustaceans and carefree goldfish are transformed into exquisite specimens of Eastern aesthetics. With these designs, we invite you to summon prosperity, fortune and luck to your side.

LIULIGONGFANG founder Chang Yi believes: LIULI can not exist without soul, without heart. Emile Galle, key instigator of the 19th century Art Nouveau movement created life from an inanimate object - glass. Taking inspiration from Galle, LIULIGONGFANG’s Spring 2015 Prosperity, Ubiquitous takes natural elements and instills them with Asian aesthetic sensibilities. Each piece narrates the intricacies of life; they are manifestations of this era’s sentimental values. Rich with life’s fortunes, like a peony in bloom, the vitality of a carefree goldfish or a crustacean’s bold resolve, allow these natural landscapes to open up a new year of propitiousness.

In Search of a Fortune to Call Your Own

The Prosperity, Ubiquitous collection is inspired by the ubiquitous goodness of nature. Each piece is a manifestation of joy through LIULI. The standout piece of the collection is Crimson Delights, in which imagery of the lychee and magpie are joined to create an enriching landscape of flora and fauna. The size of the lychee fruit appears lifelike in size and texture; the magpie appears in lively three-dimensional form, a display of our artisans’ sculptural adeptness in LIULI. Presented in red, the color of the New Year, Crimson Delights is festive and joyful.

In addition, the five pieces of Abundance symbolize five grains of the harvest and prosperity in the new year. It makes an ideal year-end thank you gift. Incomparable and Harmonious Beauty represent new opportunities and perpetual fortune and make ideal New Year gifts. Wondrous Bloom and Flawless Splendor symbolize one’s personal hopes for the new year: a peacock in ascent, a peony in full bloom - images of life’s most fulfilling moments.

Flawless Splendor
Pate-de-verre technique
650 pieces limited edition
3.62"W x 5.35"L x 13.00"H inch

Crimson Delights
Pate-de-verre technique
600 pieces limited edition
10.83"W x 6.69"L x 11.50"H inch

Harmonious Beauty
Pate-de-verre technique
328 pieces limited edition
16.34"W x 15.35"L x 6.89"H inch

Pate-de-verre technique
1500 pieces limited edition
5.12"W x 7.36"L x 9.65"H inch