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The Art of Drinking: Part 2 of 2

An introduction to "Moon Shadows" -drinking etiquette and art lifestyle

To live like the poets of old, it may not be necessary to idle away as drunkards while attempting freeform poetry after all. The more convenient way is simply to embody artistic mindset through lifestyle; leisurely sipping on wine under moonlight or enjoying the company of good friends over tasteful dining ware. As such, LIULI Living artist Chang Yi and his team of artisans put their heads together for this sole purpose—to enrich our everyday moments with artistic repertoires from Ancient Chinese history.

This year, LIULI Living combines the Western etiquette of a full-bodied Bordeaux with archaic patterns shrouded in the mysticism of a China from millennia ago. These designs, titled “Moon Shadows,” were inspired by bronze-work vessels of the Shang Dynasty. They convey at once a hint of deep mysticism while vaguely resembling the logical symmetry and aesthetics of the Art Deco period.

However rooted in fantastical histories, the design “Moon Shadows” is also an homage to contemporary lifestyles. With great understanding of quality stemware and the etiquette surrounding them, LIULI artists expertly crafted a collection through both hand-blowing and pate-de-verre techniques. Nowhere else does artistic design and glassware precision come together so seamlessly.

Falling short of Ancient Chinese drunken slam poetry from over a thousand years ago, there are still ways contemporary lifestyle can embody artistic fervor. Using design that integrates East and West, art stemware can tell a story without speaking a single word.