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The Majestic Age of Ruyi - As You Wish

The Brief History of Ruyi & Design Concept.

Ruyi Collection: The Majestic Age of Ruyi -As You Wish

Our new collection introduces one of the most beautifully complex and enigmatic artifacts of Chinese culture: the ruyi. Put simply, the ruyi is a traditional scepter steeped in symbolism and history. The word ruyi itself has been translated as “as you wish,” “everything you want,” or “satisfied.” The ruyi is intimately associated with Buddhism, and its precise origin is mysterious, but it has a history in China reaching back 3,000 years.

Throughout this long history, Ruyis have taken many forms, and they have been used for a remarkable variety of purposes and occasions, ranging from the mundane to the formal – even sacred. The ruyi has been a weapon, a back scratcher, a talisman of good luck, a symbol of honor for Buddhist teachers, a ceremonial gift for nobles, and even a royal scepter for the emperor himself. Ruyis have been crafted from every conceivable material, from bamboo, wood and iron to pure gold and precious jewels.

Whatever their material, ruyis have always been treasured as gifts. Because of the auspicious symbolism they convey, they have been a preferred means of congratulating newlyweds, paying homage to elders, and gaining the favor of royalty. For example, Emperor Guang-xu gave Queen Victoria a white jade ruyi to mark the 50th year of her reign. Emperor Qian-long was particularly fond of the ruyi, and his ministers celebrated his 60th birthday by giving him 60 ruyis of gold filigree. More recently, LIULI was proud to see President Barack Obama accept an official gift of our Harmonious Beauty ruyi in 2014. It is now safeguarded by the National Archives and Records Administration among other priceless gifts.

LIULI’s Majestic Age of Ruyi collection thus steps into a tradition spanning millennia, molded by everyone from penniless monks to the overlords of the ancient world. We are proud to present this selection of eight pieces of visually arresting decorative glass art fit for every occasion. Our artists were careful to design them with a sense of beauty, wonder and creativity, while also observing traditional principles of feng shui, intended to promote prosperity and good fortune and convey well wishes. You can pick them up to touch or meditate on them, leave them on display for your enjoyment and contemplation, or honor your friends, relatives and colleagues with a gift that is thoughtful, unique and apt for the occasion.

For instance, if you want to wish someone all the best for the coming year, you might choose the “Ruyi Charged with Joy,” filled with auspicious symbols of good fortune. The “Ruyi of Achievement” is an excellent choice for a business partner or colleague. “The Ruyi of Success” harnesses the power of surging water, a symbol of virtue and of strength and perseverance, making it a fitting choice for leaders and entrepreneurs. The inspiration behind the “Ruyi of Peony Splendor” and the “Ruyi of Eternal Virtue” is drawn from flowers, and their intricate designs also bear symbols of good luck. Whatever the occasion, you are certain to find what you are looking for in our collection. May all things be brilliant and fulfilled in this Majestic Age of Ruyi.


The Majestic Age of Ruyi