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The Most Intrepid Force is Born From Quietude (Year of the RAM)

Golden Sheep to Illuminate the New Year
LIU LI GONG FANG’s Year of the Sheep Collection

The Collection: The Most Intrepid Force is Born from Quietude

The Chinese people have always paid close attention to the cycles of the Chinese zodiac. For 2015, LIULIGONGFANG presents a collection of golden sheep imbued with Eastern philosophy to introduce a brand new aesthetic to the animal. 

LIULIGONGFANG believes that design should be inclusive, it should incite the dialogue between people. This is why each and every LIULIGONGFANG collection proposes a concept, a story. The new Year of the Sheep collection The Most Intrepid Force is Born From Quietude depicts the animal through Loretta H. Yang’s vision - a gentle and mild creature who possesses a strength that is unspoken, humble, and unrelenting; it is this character that makes the sheep unique. Yang says that sheep remind her of an idea proposed in Laozi’s Tao Te Ching: the highest good is like water because water is the greatest nurturer, giving and never asking for anything in return. Inspired by the Chinese character 靜 (jing) which means tranquil or silent, Yang presents these sheep in transparent clarity, in hope of inducing a calm yet powerful force for the new year. The only color appears as highlights of gold foil, strategically applied by expert hands. The Most Intrepid Force is Born From Quietude gives the collector an unobstructed vision of light and shadow as it passes through the design and allows the viewer to discover the limitless possibilities of life.

Utilizing artistic license, Yang attaches wings to the sheep in With Wings, I Soar. The soaring sheep squints its eyes and purses its lips to remind us to retain a positive attitude for a promising future. Wings represent the dreams we all possess. May our wings unfurl in the upcoming year, may our dreams take flight.

Each design conveys a specific blessing. Convergence of Strength symbolizes the strength of teamwork and the resulting and shared success. The elegant sheep in Traipsing Through Clouds symbolizes good fortune, wisdom and longevity. A sheep frolics amongst peonies in Auspicious Flowers, conveying best wishes for the new year. To welcome the Year of the Sheep, Yang has also created a large-scale design around the idea of “ascent”. A design that encourages us to be the best that we can be, it will be available in the new year.