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  • 通往莊子的世界的一扇窗



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  • 與光同行 ─ 鳥飛魚躍。奪目匠心

    光代表希望,代表美好;有光才能看見世界的美麗。一切隨光顯現,循光幻變。 琉璃工房全新系列「與光同行」,以鳥和魚為題,展開一場逐光之旅。捕捉四種 靈鳥展翅飛翔的曼妙姿態,以「同行」、「同向」、「同歌」、「同遊」命名。 在盛夏光年中,蓄勢待發,迎光而起。

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    與光同行 ─ 鳥飛魚躍。奪目匠心
  • 給爸爸的禮物 慈善「飛虎一號」

    A Meaningful Father’s Day Gift -...

    Pick a meaningful Father’s Day gift from LIULI and send extra love and care to the society.For each Winged Tiger No.1 sold, LIULI will donate HK$400 to the SoCO Learning...

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  • Eye-Catching & Innovative: The Arising from...

    Breathtaking and diverse, the crystal dragon collection at LIULI depicts the many faces of this revered and exalted creature. Some pieces paint him atop rolling and hypnotic waves emulating the...

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    Crystal Dragon
  • Japanese Crystal

    Crystal Sake Cups at LIULI Crystal...

    Elegant, colorful crystal sake cups at LIULI celebrate the long-honored tradition of sharing in drinking and celebration. Raise a glass, toast, and imbibe. Here’s to the ever-changing seasons and all...

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