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Sip and Celebrate with a Sake Shot Glass

Liuli Chinese Crystal Art

Official Intro.: A Drink to Virtue | 四季君子飲

People of virtue,
An encounter, a common understanding,
A shared regret of not having known one another sooner.
Lest more time be wasted,
Let us drink.

 Crystal, like the succession of moments in time, reflects the light of now. Fleeting are memories and the eye that beholds the glass. Revel in celebration. Shine as the eternal and resilient Lotus.

Whether it’s a toast to love or a toast to the next chapter in your life or your family’s future, these sake shot glasses are beautiful objects to behold. Some incorporate a sleek outline and design while others, evoking etchings - each piece reflects all that it means to revere and enjoy the here and now - and these sets are for sharing.

A LIULI Crystal Art sake shot glass celebrates all of the hues and variety of life, coming in a spectrum of colors and combinations thereof, including the most delicate amber, as well as green and violet, and bone china material.

Sip and Celebrate with a Sake Shot Glass

Chinese yellow wine or rice wine is often likened to that of Japanese Sake. During the Qing and Ming dynasties, yellow wine was said to reign supreme as the drink of choice, and it is said yellow wine is one of the oldest varieties of wines known to exist. Traditionally, sake has been known to be offered to the gods and is also known to bring auspicious blessings.

When drinking sake, it can be served warm or hot or chilled. While many people, particularly in Western cultures, identify as having a favorite drink, sake is customarily served as a common first round for those in Japan. Whether it’s chin-chin, cheers, solud, or kanpai! Raise a sake shot glass to good times, unity, solidarity, and moving forward toward the better, together, while sharing everything in the ever-changing nexus.

Design is a vital element to these pieces, with some shot glasses and artwork incorporating the seasonal flowers, such as the Summer bamboo, Spring orchid, Winter plum, and the Autumn chrysanthemum, and others the ever-noteworthy dragon.

Sake as well as shot glass sets, crystal wine stoppers, snifters, and whiskey glasses are available at LIULI Crystal Art.