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A Radiant Heart Brightens All Things

"A Radiant Heart Brightens All Things" collection draws on three series: the "Pure Heart Revolution," "The Compulsion to Bloom Belongs to All That is Beautiful" and acclaimed artist Loretta H. Yang’s "Formless, but Not Without Form," which was just accorded the honor of being a permanent collection at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France. The new collection encompasses a broad array of styles and themes, though all point to an essential idea to which everyone should return: in our fast-paced world, we can’t forget to turn our hearts toward the light within us, allowing the benevolence and wisdom buried by busy lives to rise again.


The Collection: The Compulsion to Bloom Belongs to All That is Beautiful


Three decades in glasswork has compelled Loretta H. Yang to a new level of artistic expression, but one of her truest inspirations remains the same—the liuli flower.  Inspired by the greats, Yang draws upon the flower’s symbolism from Chinese culture—beloved for its impermanence, like life.  She pays homage to the legend, Emile Galle, for his understanding of the flower’s sheer and unmatchable beauty.  Encompassed in this series is Yang’s liuli flower, a transparent statement of beauty and determination.


The Collection: Formless, but Not Without Form


A series of Crystal Buddha images in glass that are both transparent and opaque, concealed and revealed, formless and without form. This meditation décor formed with the multiple casting method is a visual expression of Buddhist philosophy, and a reflection on the ephemeral nature of life that emerges for a brief instant only to pass away like so many bubbles. 


The Collection: Pure Heart Revolution (Miniature Prayer Wheel)

"Pure Heart Revolution" is a collectible miniature LIULI glass prayer wheel, a piece of Zen home décor ideal for display and use. The sandblasted frame of this meditation décor bears a Tang Dynasty floral motif, and the Heart Sutra is engraved on the crystal prayer wheel itself.