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Five Heavenly Beasts Handmade Soap─ Impassioned Moments (Vermillion Bird)


Fire bird of the south.

The impassioned rose is only matched by the vermillion bird.
Unswayed by opinion,
it moves to its own rhythm.
For this and for its gentle heart, it is a queen.

Let bathing become a kind of travel

Food grade virgin olive oil, drinking pure water, made in the best environment below 40 degrees Celsius, soap is matured for more than 45 days, no added preservatives, moisturizing skin, clean and gentle.

In addition to being good for you, we also care for the earth. The traditional handmade method, with biodegradable, does not cause pollution and residue to the environment, and does not use bottles and jars, plastic reduction and good recycling.

It is interesting to see what the dragon scent should be. What should be the scent of a Qilin?

Loretta Yang has spent many months communicating with perfumers and searching for a unique blend of the five divine elements, because it is the imagination of the ancestors of the mysterious forces of heaven and earth, so every drop of essential oil is quenched in the nature of heaven and earth; you can choose what you want.

It is as if the beast is rubbing and slowly emerging in your hands...entering the natural world of healing aromas.


Handmade Soap




Rose essential oil, geranium essential oil, bergamot essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, cold-pressed virgin olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, comfrey root extract, Australian coral red stone clay powder, pure water, alkaline (no preservatives, artificial coloring, fragrance added)

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* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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