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Crystal Flower, Magnolia, World of Beautiful Compassion


Collection:Flower Sculptures,A Peaceful Existence 

Design Description:

This crystal magnolia flower artwork is another beloved favorite of the Chinese.  As if to announce the arrival of spring after a long winter, the Magnolia has traditionally bloomed on-queue at the first full moon of the year.  It’s long been associated in Chinese culture as a symbol of love among families and friends. This design is inspired by the philosophy of “a full moon and beautiful flowers”. Sculpted with the characteristic roundness that symbolizes good harmony and fulfillment. The large polished surface represents the moon as it reflects the flowers. The magnolia is first colored with powdered pigments to create a realistic effect. Then it is fired again and fused with the vase. This is a token of families’ and friends’ appreciation for one another and of the harmony that connects us all. View the self through flowers, view the world through a vase. Through the elegance of the magnolia, we are shown the stillness in movement. 

 以花觀己,以瓶觀世界,從作品玉蘭的高雅,看見競轉的靜美。 古人將玉蘭花看做是愛情、親情、友情的信物,“金蘭之交”就是友情的最高層次, 結拜之時也稱義結金蘭。玉蘭花代表了純淨的愛情、溫馨的親情、堅貞的友情。玉蘭花,又明迎春花,綻放於春季,一開春,玉蘭的葉未長而花先開,似乎迫不及待地向人們宣告春天的到來,因此玉蘭象徵宣示美好的到來。設計上,以「花好月圓」概念進行。大面積的圓體拋光,象徵一輪明月,映照花好的璀璨,玉蘭,先以粉料定色,令花的綻放栩栩生動,爾後再與瓶身進行二次燒制接駁,「花好月圓」是一種美好的生命期許, 花開到最好,月滿到最圓,是最幸福美好的人生狀態。

World of Beautiful Compassion

The sun, the moon,
a circle to accommodate all.
The rain and dew, selfless,
inextinguishable life within each drop

lush leaves and coy blooms.
This is where fulfillment convenes.





Item No.:



26*12.5*29 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

600 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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