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LIULI Crystal Vase, Pen Holder, Fruits, Pomegranate, Talent Conquers All


Design Concept:

The artwork employs precise LIULI color placement techniques to create an effect akin to a basket brimming with lychees under the play of light and shadow. Those with discerning taste can adorn the vessel with flowers or store items, echoing the sweetness of this prosperous season. Due to its long lifecycle, lychee symbolizes longevity and health, signifying blessings as vast as the eastern sea and a lifespan as enduring as the southern mountains. The word "lychee" sounds similar to "profit," symbolizing wealth and prosperity, while also embodying auspicious meanings of joy and fortune. Although the outer skin of the lychee fruit is tough, its inner flesh is tender and juicy, symbolizing virtue and encouraging people to maintain inner softness alongside outward strength. The vibrant hues of crimson and emerald dance passionately in the kiln at temperatures exceeding 2500°F, vividly depicting the ink washes of Qi Baishi. Irregular vessel shapes and earthy color palettes complement each other, restoring the texture and warmth of handmade craftsmanship.

A Thousand Blessings and Good Fortune

Fauvist palettes abound,
Thriving in this sweetness.
Bright burning flower states,
A perfect contentment, all too rare,
Innumerous Blessings and Good Fortune.



Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

15.5*15*9.7 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

1,580 pieces (Worldwide)

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Exquisite LIULI Gift Bags

Every art pieces comes with the gift-ready packaging including gift box & bag, product's description card and authentic certificate.

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging