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Crystal Mythical Creature, Guardian, Black Tortoise of the North-Serenity of the Xuanwu


Collection:Directional Clarity 

Design Description:

Just as the north star offers a light of guidance, so does the mythological “black tortoise” which guards the North in ancient Chinese astrology.  Coming from the 2018 collection “Directional Clarity,” this piece displays a xuanwu—a divine tortoise and snake-like deity that embodies wisdom and serenity in the world.  The orb-shaped sculpture work takes after the representations of a “rounded” heaven—and carries on it the etchings of ancient astrological runes.  It is one of five mythological creatures that rule the cardinal compass directions, correlating with the water elemental and the winter season by classic representation.  In folklore, this tortoise has been dubbed “Zhi Ming” and is a deity that dates to shamanic traditions in of Chinese pre-history. 

玄武出北方,北方的顏色為黑(玄色),屬性是水, 玄武 ,是龜和蛇的結合,龜象徵長壽,蛇寓意靈巧, 兩者相互交融,可視為和諧, 如同水,上善若水,善利萬物,真誠、良善、無私。 亦有水生金的說法,可以應對風水中招財的說法。 玄武的造型是否精彩,龜、蛇互動的情景感尤為重要。作品中神龜雕塑精細在海浪中騰起,向後轉頭,與背後的靈蛇相對。兩者各自擁有龐大力量感,卻又相處融洽,體現和諧。

Serenity of the Xuanwu

Waters still and clear,
bright sun within pure clouds.
The north star offers guidance,
establishing tranquility in heaven and earth.
The fecund light of spring shines on all,
for good feng shui.



Item No.:



28.3*16*46.5 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

298 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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