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Boys & Girls Club Visits Original LIULI Studio!

LIULI Studio in Taiwan opens its Doors to Boys and Girls Club!

Art for the Good of the Heart…
And for all Future Generations

Boys and Girls Club Visits Tamsui Studio
American Youth Visit Original LIULI Studio

When the young boy held the clay sculpture he created in his hands, soon to undergo the rest of the pate de verre process—to be fired into a living and breathing wizard, he sat proudly as a LIULI interviewer asked him why he created this piece.  This was Roy, from Orange County, and his response was as touching as it was simple:  To magic away all of the illnesses of the world.

One week ago Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi walked a group of fourteen spirited youngsters through the original LIULI workshop in Tamsui, Taiwan.  The studio visit was a collaborative effort organized by the two founding artists and Boys & Girls Club of America CEO, JR Dziubak-Chaperone.  For some of the attendees, it was their first time outside of the country.

As the new generation walked through the studios that day, it was clear from this experience that this was the model for sharing culture and expression.  This was the future of art and a continued hope to touch hearts everywhere around the world.






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