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Prayer Wheel Design Concept

We know the world is not perfect, and we know that we, human beings, are not perfect, but it is because of imperfection that we learn to love, to care and to be mindful every day.

The prayer wheel is a Buddhist dharma-vessel, cylinder shaped and offered in various sizes. The wheel features Buddhist mantras on the surface and spins on a central spindle. Each turn of the wheel is equivalent to one single recitation of a mantra. Each turn sends well wishes to the world and creates peace between our inner worlds and outer reality.

As we focus on each turn of the wheel, we start to live in the present and create much-needed space for ourselves.

You could welcome this meditative tradition into your own modern life without any special instruction — you don't even have to be a Buddhist. You only need to stop to enjoy the mindfulness of spinning the wheel. Let your fingertips caress its smooth crystal glass surface as it turns. Allow yourself to be present in this very moment, and focus on the truth of existence.

Here at LIULI, we are delighted to share this tradition with you. We wish you luck on a journey bound to bring you wisdom and joy.

Eternal Cycle of Compassion
Six-Character Great Bright Mantra
Pendant, Framed

Eternal Cycle of Compassion
Six-Character Great Bright Mantra
Pendant, Un-framed


Everlasting Will of Dharma
Great Compassion Dharani Mantra
Height: 20.30" inches

Living in Peace
Heart Sutra
Height: 10.04" inches


Recital of Peace
Six-Character Great Bright Mantra
Height: 11.02" inches

Pure Heart Revolution
Heart Sutra
Height: 5.91" inches





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