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Showcasing the World’s Largest Thousand Arms and Eyes Guanyin LIULI Sculpture

“Belief Comes From Within - Only with Compassion"

Contemporary Art Exhibition
by Loretta H. Yang

The Collection:
Only with Compassion

Video Narrative:

The world's largest Liuli Guanyin sculpture
As usual, Loretta H. Yang sculpting alone persistently...
A person who could do the things she believed


To Confucians, mercy translates to “a compassionate heart”. 

In modern terms it is “one heart against another”. It is actually not difficult for a heart to embody mercy; it can appear in your everyday life, work and conversation. Witnessing the bloom of a flower, you marvel at the beauty; witnessing a stray dog by the road, you feel compelled to rescue it; why are there so many detached and troubled people in this world and so many unschooled children? These ruminations are a product of mercy.

Reflecting on this spotlight masterpiece, Yang confessed that this is indeed her life’s greatest ambition.  Twenty years of dedication in the making has given the artist a wisdom she hopes to share with the world.  As she explained that night, “embrace compassion, do the things you believe in, and happiness will follow.”

In this simple statement, Yang warmly brings together the hopes and feelings stirred up by her artwork.  Conveying through both witness the philosophy of happiness and twenty years of hard labor what it means to be “only with compassion.”


The Collection
Only with Compassion

City Life
Hong Kong's Inaugural Exhibition of the World's Largest Thousand Arms and Eyes Guanyin Liuli Sculpture

Glass Poetry of the Change between Light & Shadow - Interview with Loretta H. Yang & Chang Yi

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