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With a Will, a Way -American Bald Eagle, Marks Our Very First Anniversary at South Coast Plaza

Exclusive American Bald Eagle for U.S. Collectors.

The Artwork: With a Will, a Way - American Bald Eagle

Dear fans and readers,

This month marks our very first anniversary here at South Coast Plaza. To commemorate this important moment, it gives us great pleasure to offer you a new work of art, “With a Will, a Way,” available exclusively in the United States. We believe it conveys the sense of wonder and the thrill of the chase we have felt throughout a year spent pursuing our dreams here. We could think of no better subject to represent who we are and what we strive for than the bald eagle, symbol of America itself.

No one who has ever seen a bald eagle hunt its prey in the American wilderness has ever forgotten it. This majestic raptor plunges from the heavens toward the water below like a dart of fire, burning eyes fixed on its quarry. For the briefest instant when the eagle strikes, the waves burst skyward, melding with the eagle’s glistening body in a marriage of heaven and earth as it snatches its prey and carries it aloft in a single swoop of fearsome grace and power. In years long since forgotten, such scenes gave birth to the legend that the mighty eagle was the messenger between the gods above and the mortals below.

This large LIULI sculpture embodies just such an instant. Forged in fire using the pâte-de-verre technique, it captures the texture of the eagle’s features in rigorous detail. The glass appears to flow in seamless motion from the base of the waves to the very tips of the bird’s upstretched wings. But our artists have moved beyond the mere imitation of America’s wild natural heritage to capture the stuff of its legends, the eagle’s indomitable courage, freedom and certainty of victory. For Americans – and for us – the eagle is an idea as well as a bird: a national symbol, standing for the liberty and unbounded success that America strives for. Perhaps the poet Marianne Moore had the same ideal in mind when he penned these lines:

"Victory won’t come to me unless I go to it."

We hope you enjoy “With a Will, a Way,” our homage to America, and we look forward to sharing our work with you for many more years to come.

Yours sincerely,

The LIULI U.S.A Team

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