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Collection: Bathed in an Auspicious Glow, a Full Moon Rendezvous. Heaven and Earth in Harmony.

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A Beautiful World  |  乾坤和合吉祥光

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This collection is the ultimate homage to a few key elements of cultural heritage:  The moon, ancestors, and the balance of the universe.  Created by LIULI craftsmen in honor of the globally celebrated Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, each piece in this series is a nod of the head toward the full moon and the harvests it brings.  It pays respect to ancestral heritage and that traditional reverence for nature—all the while keeping a sharp focus on the ultimate universal balance of the seasons and nature.  In effect, by paying homage to the moon and its blessings on our world, the series “A Beautiful World” is the ultimate glasswork collection that bespeaks nature and universal harmony.