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Collection: Emergence of the Dragon

Blog: The Groundbreaking - Liuli Treasure Vase Collection
YouTube: Emergency of the Dragon 

This thoughtfully designed collection, crafted with immaculate attention to detail, marries two awe-inspiring artifacts of Chinese art—the dragon and the “baoping” (or treasure vase).  Each of the five vessel designs represents one of the “five elements” in classic philosophy and ancient metaphysics: Metal, wood, water, fire, earth.  They are tastefully clothed in shimmering gold leaf foil, adding to the illustrious quality of a treasure vase.  “Emergence of the Dragon” is a balance of abstract rendering and representational form, evident in aspects of the series such as the ever-flowing fluidity of the water element and the blazing vibrancy of the fire “baoping.”  As one of LIULI’s greatest technical accomplishments in recent years, this collection simply commands awe and attention.