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Collection: Implement Auspiciousness, The Rest Will Follow

Official Intro.: Implement Auspiciousness, The Rest Will Follow  |  吉祥美好時光

Blog: Summoning the Luck of the Eight Fortunes


In this three-part series, glass artisans draw upon the inspiration of millennia-old traditions and stories to create art.  The first of the three individual mini-series, “Eight Auspicious Offerings,” showcases the crystal rendition of eight artifacts in the classic legacy of Siddartha Gautama.  They correspond to the eight spokes of the infamous “Wheel of Dharma” that is spotted in the next series—the “Six-Tusked Elephant of Universal Light.”  In that mini-collection, a set of two pieces depicts a mythical and divine creature found in ancient lore.  Finally, the whole collection crescendos on the art piece“Fearless and Undaunted,” driving forward the wishes and blessings of these auspicious artworks.