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Collection: Mortal Smile - A More Motherly Guanyin

Official Introduction:

Mortal Smile - A More Motherly Guanyin  |  人间微笑 - 愈来愈母亲的观世音
YouTube: Mortal Smile

 For twenty-six years, Loretta H. Yang's LIULI Guanyin sculptures have been lovingly treasured.  People say that her work abounds with honesty.

Yang has said that the unpleasant and unavoidable things in life should be bore by something greater than one's self.  In the face of unrest, we could all do with a love that is both tolerant and kind.

She has never once been asked if this new direction had to do with her mother's passing last year.  Look at her sculptures and see the upturned mouths, the serene lines - they are human and familiar, like hearing the voice of one's mother.

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