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Collection: Through Sea and Sky I Roam

Official Introduction:

Through Sea And Sky I Roam  |  海天神行--無往不利共遨遊

This 2019 jingyu-themed (goldfish) collection is a statement on success, aspirations, and determination.  Using one of our most beloved signature subjects, studio artists craft the characteristically willful and richly symbolic goldfish into moving pieces that inspire the best qualities within us.  Sculpted here in images of togetherness—as in Grand Fulfillment—and serendipitous encounter—An Exquisite Dance—the collection embodies notions of continual persistence and determination, and is evocative of cultural symbolism like hexagonal bases and ascending ambitions.  For dreamers and lovers, and for businessmen and partners, there is no symbol that wishes success and hope quite as well as the liuli goldfish.