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Collection: A Chinese LIULI Flower

Official Introduction:

A Chinese LIULI Flower  |  一朵中国琉璃花
Blog: A Chinese LIULI Flower
YouTube Video: Art of LIULI - Chase Mastery  |  LIULI in Belgium  |  一朵充滿生命的花

The 25-year anniversary art collection of LIULI is imagined, inspired, sculpted by founding artist Loretta H. Yang. Revealed in these five iconic designs are her heart and profound unique perspectives on beauty. Balanced immaculately in the relationship between color and colorless, light and dark, and between form and abstraction is the innate and individual spirit of each of these flowers.  While the orchid’s graceful disposition is easily seen in the expression of its dance in the piece, “Imminent Spring Dance,” the Camellia flower differs in its stark beauty—a beauty known for being able to survive in rugged and harsh terrain, evident in the piece’s rough contours.  All five flowers here come in various sizes, and together make for one of the most stunning quadricentennial tributes in the world of glass art.