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Collection: The Majestic Age of Ruyi | As You Wish

Official Introduction:

The Majestic Age of Ruyi  |  甚是如意
Design Concept & the History: The Majestic Age of Ruyi

This series is based on a millennia-old traditional art motif in Chinese culture—the “Ruyi.”  The relic is an object of archaeological fascination and has long been studied by art historians for its many applications.  Its place in artworks has ranged from the status symbol of dynastic emperors to a weapon and even a back scratcher.  Taking this concept, LIULI artists transform the motif to brilliant colors and themes using nothing but crystal glass and a little bit of imagination.  It is our artists’ belief that the potential of this fortune-inviting shape manifests best in sculpture work—serving best as gifts and symbols of status and prestige.