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Pate de Verre Process: Step 1 through 3

Pate de verre 12-steps Process:

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Step No.: 1 - Creative process

Creative process, concept, design, and sculpture.

We begin with the first of twelve steps in Liuli's crystal art crafting process: The Design. Our artists find the balance between inspiration and materialization in the middle of the night, in undisturbed tranquility.

In order to create flawless crystal, our artist must devote all of their heart to making clay come alive first. The sculptor creates an initial model in clay and spend a lot of time for sculpturing, the volume, details and expressions are worked to perfection.

Step No.: 2 - Molding process

Coat, layers of silicone, and negative mold.

Step 2 of the process involves coating our original clay sculpture in silicone. Layer after layer (3 to 7 layers) is fastidiously coated on the produce a negative mold, a crucial step in capturing the prevision of the sculpture. Each layer must dry completely (about 30 minutes) before additional layer is applied, thickness must be uniform to prevent leakage of wax. Once complete, the clay is removed to reveal a negative silicone mold.

Step No.: 3 - Infusion of molten wax

Fill wax into negative mold.

Pour molten wax into the negative silicone mold.

Pate-de-verre Video | Step 1-3Step 4-6 | Step 7-9 | Step 10-12