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Pate de Verre Process: Step 4 through 6

Pate de verre 12-steps Process:

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Step No.: 4 - Positive wax form

Release of positive wax form.

Once wax has solidified and cooled, release the wax form by carefully peeling back the silicone mold. Like a butterfly molting, the silicon is shed to reveal a positive wax form.

Step No.: 5 - Wax form refinement process
Wax form refinement.

Imperfections arising from the wax pouring process, so the next step involves a careful refinement of the wax sculpture. Because every micro inch and subtlety plays its own role in the grand scheme of beauty. Our artists refine the wax mold to its final perfection.

Step No.: 6 - Plaster molding

Fire resistant plaster molding.

The wax mold is placed on a wooden plank in a metal container and plaster is poured and solidified.Embedding wax form with fire-resistant plaster.

Pate-de-verre Video | Step 1-3 | Step 4-6 | Step 7-9 | Step 10-12