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Public Art

Public art is a focal point that connects local cultural context and visions. Not only does it illuminate the present, it lights the way for the future of this vibrant economic and cultural hub.

Malaysia Pavilion Mall Hibiscus Fountain

Converging water comes from all directions, and endless source everlasting its flourishes and prosperity. Referencing “three”, the Chines Book of Changes proclaims: from one comes two, from tow comes three. From three comes all living creatures. Three layers also symbolize three nationalities that comprise inclusive Malaysian culture.

Malaysia Pavilion Mall Hibiscus Fountain | Liuli Crystal Art

Qingdao Camelia Installation

Qingdao is a cultural hub with over two millennia of history in China. Paying homage to this heritage. LIULI works with developer Greentown China to install a large-scale public art piece that connects a vision of nature, humanities, and culture to the art of a thousand-year-old cultural legacy. This liuli camellia represents art created for the good of the human heart and soul. Not only does it illuminate the present, but it also lights the way for the future. It bursts into life in a waterscape installation, behind which a single expression in calligraphy carved into rock says it all: “Benefiting from Easterly Winds.”

Qingdao Camelia | Liuli Crystal Art

Shanghai LIULI Museum Building

5,025 petals, all handmade, weighted 1.5 tons, 54 inches wide, 3 months of installation. The peony flower sculpted from delicate metal wires looks fashionably modern but maintains the taste of its traditional elements at the same time. Under the element of light, the peony petals bloom delicately as the metal wires intercepts seamlessly. Founded by liuli artists Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, LIULI CHINA MUSEUM is Asia’s first all-encompassing liuli art museum.

NIKE Women Roadrunner | Liuli Crystal Art

The sky's the limit. We’d love to create a unique Liuli crystal piece that speaks for our heart and soul. Please contact us for more details at
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