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Crystal Animal, Dog, New Century of Luck


Collection: Longing for a Pure Existence (Year of the Dog)  

Design Description:

In “New Century of Luck,” two endearing Labradors are set upon a richly ornamented crystal pillow of peony patterns, waiting for their owner to come home.  The home deco glasswork sets the two crystal colors in contrast—one a warmly glowing amber and the other a pure and clean crystal white.  The art piece comes from the 2018 Chinese Year of the Dog collection “Longing for a Pure Existence,” bringing with it the sentiments of loyalty, kindness, and unassuming compassion.  Artworks from this series hearken to the old Chinese saying that “with dogs come fortune,” reminding that wealth and fortune are best accompanied by companionship and fidelity—in the New Year and all the remaining years of the new century.

兩隻拉布拉多,體現琉璃工房擅長的寫實手法。 鼻翼上細微毛孔,狗狗撇頭的遠望,似如等待主人模樣。是唯有對狗狗極其熟悉,以及對雕塑和琉璃材質精確掌握,才能體現如此絕佳視覺感。 世界,都是美善的新開始; 在設計中,是兩隻狗狗,這是一項祝福。在朝往新的一天、一年、在工作、夢想裡,不會是一個人的孤軍奮鬥,而是有朋友、情人、家人、貴人的相隨扶持,讓來年,一切順利和順吉祥。 兩隻狗狗站在錦繡的清澈之地,亦是一項祝福。 因為"旺旺新世紀",在開始、啟程時,即占盡錦繡美好,定能事半功倍。

New Century of Luck

All is new -
This world,
Our future.
We exist at this pivotal point,
In a new century of luck.

旺旺新世紀 (狗)


Item No.:



12.5*12.5*12 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

2,888 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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