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Crystal Mythical Creature, Phoenix, Guardian, Vermilion Bird of the South-Dance of the Phoenix


Collection: Directional Clarity 

Design Description:

In ancient Chinese astrology, the “vermilion bird” is the divine mythological creature which guards the southern cardinal compass direction.  This bird, however, is not in fact the phoenix that is perhaps be one of the most popularly represented deities in Eastern culture.  The bird represents the South and has been named Ling Guang in folklore.  Here the creature is dances with flames for the fire element it represents when correlated with the Chinese five principles system of geomancy.  The orb on which it is sculpted represents the heavens, with etchings of ancient star maps thereon.  And representing fire, it carries the elegance and virtues of rebirth and grace. 

朱雀出南方,南方的顏色為紅,屬性是火, 朱雀即是鳳凰,自古以來有鳳凰重生的美麗傳說, 如同火,代表希望、溫暖、光明,寓意處處是紅紅火火的錦繡新象。 此系列作品,五靈獸均徜徉於一塑有星宿的球體上, 球體,象徵天地宇宙,是生命、是希望, 提醒自我對宇宙自然的關照, 明白四時有序、耕耘收藏,和諧共處的智慧。 球體上塑有星宿,說明方位,指引方向, 引領我們清楚,下一步,怎麼走, 並因為知道了位置,步步是妙草吉花, 處處是好人間、好前程、好時勢、好風水、好力量。 展翅翱翔星空,英姿舞動,南方朱雀的尾部是作品表達在重點,烈火版的塑形,特別的定色,將朱雀的火熱表達完美。

Dance of the Phoenix

In a flash of fiery red,
the clouds part to reveal clarity.
Southern winds,
a glorious summer,
the vermillion bird rises in a splendid display of opportunity. Now is the time.



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28.4*19.2*47.2 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

298 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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