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Crystal Mythical Creature, Tortoise, Wisdom of the Black Tortoise, Guardian of the North


Collection: Thank To Heavens

Design Description:

Chinese Mythical Turtle Design

This art deco piece from the studios of LIULI Crystal Art comes from a collection of four mythical creatures—each correlating to a compass direction.  With a deep background in Chinese cultural symbolism, the Tortoise seen here in “Guardian of the North – Wisdom of the Black Tortoise” also called ‘Xuanwu’, referred to the tortoise giving divination: the tortoise has black back, and is said to have the ability to enter the nether world to inquire forthcoming things. After getting the answer, it would come back showing the answer with some certain signs. Later on, it is usually depicted as both a tortoise and a snake, specifically with the snake coiling around the tortoise. As the tortoise lives in water, it becomes the water god; and the tortoise enjoys a long life, so Xuanwu becomes the symbol of longevity; the nether world is said to be in the north, as people in the Shang Dynasty would face north when practicing divination, thus Xuanwu becomes the god of north.

In ancient China there are four mythical creatures with godly power which protect us from all devils and evil spirit. Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise; Azure Dragon is the guardian of the East, White Tiger is the guardian of the West, Vermillion Bird is the guardian of the South, Tortoise is the guardian of the North.

Collection of Auspicious Arch Bi: Four Mythical Creatures

  • Luminosity of the Azure Dragon (Guardian of the East)
  • Splendor of the Vermillion Bird (Guardian of the South)
  • Mighty White Tiger (Guardian of the West)
  • Wisdom of the Black Tortoise (Guardian of the North)

在中國古代最令妖邪膽戰心驚並且法力無邊的四大神獸就是青龍、白虎、朱雀、玄武四獸。 青龍為東方之神; 白虎為西方之神; 朱雀為南方之神; 玄武為北方之神,龜蛇合體。 故有“青龍、白虎、朱雀, 玄武, 天之四靈,以正四方,王者制宮闕殿閣取法焉。 玄武被後世的道士們升級做北方的大帝 “真武大帝”。

祥獸拱壁Collection: 四大神獸

青龍昌 (東方之神)
朱雀華 (南方之神)
白虎威 (西方之神)
玄武智 (北方之神)

    Wisdom of the Black Tortoise

    Know the ways of heaven,
    Operate on opportunity,
    Nurture like water,
    All is in the palm of your hand,
    All is with ease.



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    10*10*3 cm


    Crystal Glass


    Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

    Limited Edition:

    8,000 pieces

    * Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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