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Crystal Animal, Mice, Mouse, Zodiac-Year of the Rat, Come Fortune


Collection: Year of the Rat 

Design Description:

This crystal glass figure of the mouse (or rat) zodiac, titled “Come Fortune,” is an artwork of the first of the Chinese astrology calendar.  Although commonly associated in Western cultures with being sneaky, the rat is in fact a witty animal characterized by alertness, delicateness and vitality.  Adorable and almost comical, it is adorned with traditional Chinese paper-cutting artwork patterns.  Each art piece is uniquely handcrafted, varying most with color and playing with light on any tabletop.  Well suited for birthday occasions or simply celebrating someone’s birth year, the message the zodiac artwork sends is as sincere and as transparent as the glasswork itself.

來寶,長著一副美食家的身材,圓滾滾、胖乎乎,是名副其實的大胃王。小老鼠機靈、可愛,長著一對大耳朵,誇張的耳朵造型,突出了它耳聽八方的本領,總能捕捉第一手消息。小老鼠的兩隻耳朵分別飾有寶相花,寓意富貴吉祥。 來寶,取招財進寶之意。

Come Fortune (Mice, Rat)

Chubby cheeks and perked ears,
I emerge from the morning light,
The first of twelve brave animals.

A clever and nimble cutie,
I am a natural born epicurean.

Hey, who moved my cheese?

來寶 (鼠)




Item No.:



9.8*6.2*6.5 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

5,000 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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