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Crystal Ruyi, Fengshui, The Majestic Age of Ruyi-Ruyi of Happiness and Longevity


Collection: The Majestic Age of Ruyi 

Design Description:

With its classic, straight-handled design and detailed head adorned with motifs of bats, clouds and thunder, and a traditional taotie pattern used to honor ancestors, the “Ruyi of Happiness and Longevity” signifies good fortune, wealth, longevity and a joyful life. The round base elevating the ruyi resembles a copper door knocker, symbolizing the home and feng shui protection. The geometrical rigor of the design on this ruyi’s handle complements the organic curves of its head, whose complicated images unite to form a dense visual contrast. The “Ruyi of Happiness and Longevity” is the perfect gift for elder relatives, according them the respect and honor they are due.

富貴,是一種幸福的願望,富貴的期許和祈求,轉換成各式各樣的象徵事物,如意即是 以蝙蝠、雲雷紋、饕餮紋、回紋為裝飾。饕餮紋代表對於祖先的崇敬之心,首尾相連的的回紋,代表連綿永續。底座源於門環的造型,具有守護之意。底座與如意頭上倒掛的蝙蝠成對呼應,象徵福壽雙全。如意搭配底座被墊高,寓含“如意高升”之意。

Ruyi of Happiness and Longevity

As the heavens mature,
this land is revitalized.
Fortune as vast as the seas,
longevity as broad as the mountains.
Prolific blessings,
ruyi everlasting.




Item No.:



43*12.3*12.2 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

780 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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