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Crystal Mythical Creature, Dragon, The Space Between Heaven and Earth


Collection: Directional Clarity 

Design Description:

As the most powerful mythological creature in Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol for more than simple raw strength—it is a symbol for virtue and power in kindness.  LIULI artists chose this design, complete with the ruyi-shaped accompaniment of water to represent that strength.  As the finale and grandest piece in the 2018 collection Directional Clarity, “The Space between Heaven and Earth,” here expresses a steadfast conviction through coupling the grace of heavenly wisdom and earthly virtues. 

  • The Chinese view dragons as the ultimate symbol of power. In ancient times, people worshipped dragon totems as they offered spiritual support in times of turmoil; they believed that the dragon’s power was almighty. The Chinese also believed that the dragon was a messenger between the mortal world and the heavens, communicating their wishes for protection and blessings.
  • LIULIGONGFANG calls upon cultural sentiment and societal beliefs to conjure a dragon that is awe-inspiring and which harbors an innate strength. It represents a steadfast conviction that runs through the veins of all Chinese people.
  • The Space Between Heaven and Earth depicts a divine dragon crouched upon the crest of a cloud at the edge of the water to symbolize an inextinguishable force. Under the dragon’s guardianship, the people are granted light, hope, courage and blessings.
  • The narrative construction of the piece applies a conceptual style to the rolling waves and a representational style to the dragon. The dragon’s fine details convey limitless power and a steady confidence that holds all within its control.
  • The artist conveys tension and strength through the dragon’s form; its sinewy form coils and tapers as it nears the tail. This complex craft posed a challenge to our artisans who not only needed to tend to every detail, but had to do so without causing breakage. The dragon’s reds and golds bleed into the golds and blues of the water. This ombre effect joins the two subjects into one congruous form.


古代對於龍的圖騰崇拜,讓中國人在洪荒時期,有精神的寄託。相信這種巨大的力量,無所不能。在中國人的信仰中,龍是溝通人間與上天的仲介,人們既希望得到龍的庇護,也希望上天賜予更多的福祉。作品「八萬里乾坤」,神龍盤踞在雲之上、水之涯,寓涵生生不息之意。 而騰龍鎮守,代表光明與希望,為人們帶來內心的勇氣與祝福。


The Space Between Heaven and Earth

Atop the clouds,
Across the watery horizon
and beyond the cosmos,
the dragon roams free.

In this space of 80,000 miles
between heaven and earth,
All is within its domain.





Item No.:



75*35*45 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre 脫蠟鑄造法 

Limited Edition:

188 pieces

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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