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Mythical Creature Figurines at LIULI Crystal Art

Liuli Chinese Crystal Art

Mythical Creatures




Foo Dog

Mythical Creature Figurines and Glass Art Sculptures

Mythical creature figurines remind us of the limitless potential of magic. Those at LIULI Crystal Art include the dragon, foo dog, qilin, tortoise, and phoenix.

One of the earliest figures known to have arisen within Chinese mythology is the snake, lauded by the Xia who reigned from 2000 to 15000 BCE. They are considered to be the first recorded dynasty in China’s history. Where they ruled, at the Yellow River basin, a turquoise dragon and other relics have been discovered. It is thought to be the first known representation of a Chinese dragon, which has come to symbolize protection and blessings. Certain Chinese mythological creatures can also be linked to elements such as water or fire.

Mythical Creature Figurines at LIULI Crystal Art

Crystal art at LIULI often takes on different shapes and forms, some sinuous and curvy, while others are more refined and smooth, or more perfectly shaped like a circle, oval, or square.

Liuli art has existed in China for thousands of years. Those at LIULI Crystal Art are breathing new life into this creative form, crafting captivating and incomparable pieces inextricably fused with Chinese culture. Imbue a room, space, or living area with your favorite character or figures from Chinese mythology. These colorful, striking pieces are a harmonious way of commemorating the richness and intrigue of Chinese history while bringing the beauty of that culture into the future, where it can be cherished and passed down for generations.