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Collection: Dragon on the Heavenly Shore

Official Introduction:
Dragon on the Heavenly Shore  |  天岸神龍

This symphony of colors and lights comes from Loretta H. Yang’s imagination as a tribute to the year of the horse.  The collection title alludes to old sayings in Chinese that refer to the horse as the “dragon on earth” counterpart to that of the heavens.  This animal has not only been one of the most beloved of the zodiac calendar for many centuries, it has also had unquestionable significance to human history.  Empires have been both built and destroyed on the backs of horses, carrying with them an ancient and inexhaustible source of power.  This glass art collection includes pieces ranging from the abstracted—“The Frontrunner”—t the baroque-like Tang Dynasty ornamented style of “Boundless Grandeur.”  In its entirety, the series as a whole exhibits some of LIULI’s greatest craftsmanship and Chinese culture’s most powerful art themes.