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Collection: Prosperity, Ubiquitous

Official Introduction:

Prosperity, Ubiquitous  |  富貴, 無所不在
Blog: Prosperity, Ubiquitous

This sumptuous and lavish collection features several unique pieces showcasing the wonderful natural riches of the earth as the primary theme.  In “Prosperity, Ubiquitous,” artists deliver a message of richness and gratitude found in the life around us.  As expressed in the five individual pieces that allude to the thematic “five grains” motif found in agricultural Chinese society, those riches can be readily found in the land. From the bountiful wheat harvest to the delectable nectar of the lychee fruit seen in “Crimson Delights,” this series is a down-to-earth and sincere acknowledgement of all things prosperous and plenty, found in the wondrous world around us—ubiquitously.

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