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Limited Collection by LIULI Crystal Art

 The Heart Points To The Future

Zodiac Collection

A Clever and Auspicious Year
Year of the Rat 2020

A Peaceful Existence

 Buoyed by Spring Light

Through Sea And Sky I Roam

An Auspicious Look for a Beautiful World

Year of the Pig-Year of Tranquil Fulfillment

The Nine Ding of Profound Virtue

Directional Clarity

The Space Between Heaven and Earth

A Happy Excursion - Clarity

Implement Auspiciousness

A Beautiful World

Longing For a Pure Existence
Year of the Dog


Awaken the First Ray of Sunlight
Year of the Rooster

Unstoppable Faith
New Era of the Dragon Horse

The Compulsion to Bloom Belongs to all that is Beautiful

 Supreme Harmony

The Majestic Age of Ruyi

With a Will, a Way

 Emergence of the Dragon

My Positive Outlook on Life is What makes Me Remarkable
Year of the Monkey

Dancing Blooms, Flying Fish, Spring Lights Converge 

 Light Exists Because of Love

Mortal Smile
A More Motherly Guanyin

 Only Love, Only Concern

 The Beauty of Harmony
The Beauty of One, with Another

River, Stream, Lake and Sea 

 Prosperity, Ubiquitous

 The Most Intrepid Force is Born from Quietude
Year of the Ram

The Most Intrepid Force is Born from Quietude
Year of the Ram (24K Gilded)

A Treasure for All Generations

Righteous One 

Dragon on the Heavenly Shore
Year of the Horse

 Arising from the East
Year of the Dragon

Believe and You Shall See

 The Proof of Awareness

A Chinese LIULI Flower

 Flowers of the Earth

 Embrace the World

Thank the Heavens 

Ascending Qi Gives Rise to Earthly Harmony 

Chinese Zodiac Animals in Bright Florals

As the Good World Turns


 The Power of Golden Vitality

A Perfect Match, You and Me 

 Love All Around


The World Follows My Command
Year of the Snake

 Golden Illumination
Candle Holder

Free Mind

Baby Peace & Baby Ruyi

The Beauty of Tang Dynasty